it's all dreamlike and shit

corridors and falcons




false lunch

and backgammon scuffles

used harpoons

do you want to win?

i'm silly here!

the thing is pure

way out


it's in the dunes, tongue flapping

everything we think we want is in what seems ridiculous

you can't tell me how to fall

to the earth unless i let you

sand me down, sand me down

sand, seems like a good place to land

seems like softness

they make glass out of what water does

you can see thru it

when it's clean

out into other worlds

windows have reflections

you can see, you can see

you can see your own ghost form

it's a trick, one of the best

it takes you away to where you don't know yourself

unless, of course, you know your way back

(remember how to get back)

according to the wind


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