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The printing world is set up to mass produce single images. My focus and finances have prioritized wanting to provide the highest quality of access to multiple images in a lower quantity via this website. I’ve wanted people to be able to choose what images of Peter’s art work they want to be with. From art to images ah!! The word “mass produce” makes me cringe and yet, as one branch in relation to Peter’s art, I’d like to help facilitate the pictures he made to be able to fly around in the world, to be (as they are) visual moments. I like to imagine the messages people might be inspired to write to one another on the back of them. Bring back the old world of handwritten correspondance! We are so inundated by images that it’s nice when we can have a hand in choosing them ouselves.. I need your help in casting them into the world

For 100.00 you can sponsor the printing of 500 postcards of your favorite picture or
For 200.00 you can sponsor the printing of 500 greeting cards (with envelopes and everything!) of your favorite picture
When I have 5 sponsors I will launch this branch of the postcardproject and start the vending process (I already have contacts for two shops in San Francisco that sound very promising).
For your contribution you will receive up to 100 copies of your print and updates of where your card is being vended. You will also know that a picture of Peter’s artwork that you chose is going into the world. All proceeds for the cards will go back into the postcardproject.

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